What is engineered stone?

What is
engineered stone?


Engineered stone is a collection of natural minerals combined with resin binders. Due to its depth, colour and durability, quartz is the primary stone used in engineered stone.

The main ingredients of quartz engineered (aggregate) stone includes:

  • natural mineral and glass
  • SS metal and oyster shells (the ‘filler’)
  • a resin (the ‘binder’)
  • a range of additives.

These ingredients are combined and cast in a curing process to produce sheets of engineered stone, then sold under various brand names. Quality can vary depending on the type of resin and additives used. e-stone only uses tried and tested products from leading manufactures around the globe. While some of the ingredients are a secret to us they have been tested to be safe when in contact with food.

We do not use any material produced from china, as the majority can not conform to European standards yet.


 Sample Matching. The beauty of engineered stone in each batch is unique. The colour and aggregate match will always be superior to marble or granite, but because the base product is natural, each slab’s colour can vary. You can see this when comparing a sample in a showroom with the final slab used. Always view current stock to ensure your colour expectations are satisfied.

Black Specs. Engineered stone is 90-96% natural, and is re-engineered with resin. It’s not like man made products such as a plastic synthetic, so it will show irregular stone particles, like small black specs in a white stone. This is because quartz is mined from the earth, screened to remove most impurities, then graded for colour. It is impossible to remove every tiny off-colour spec of stone, but this is part of its natural beauty and charm.